Because certain shipments require special handling or the use of specialized equipment in order to comply with your instructions and legal requirements, we have compiled a menu of enhancements to cover almost all eventualities.

  • Automated shipment status update
  • Customs Clearance
  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • Shipper Export Declaration Filing
  • Cargo Booking & Pick-up
  • Tracking & Tracing
  • Forwarding and Consolidation
  • Insurance Services
  • Internet Notification
  • Letter of Credit Banking
  • Shipment Alerts & Confirmations
  • Dangerous Goods Handling (DGR)
  • Temperature Controlled Transportation
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Letter of Credit Processing (LC)
  • Certification & Legalisation of Documents
  • Food & Drug Administration Filing (FDA)
  • Advanced Cargo Information Filing (ACI)